ROCKSTAR is a self-owned brand under KCS Group, is also a familiar safety shoes brand to Hong Kong people.

Along with social progress and people’s enhanced safety awareness for working, safety shoe products meet the requirements of vast of customers, and started to become an indispensable part of working users. Among many footwear suppliers, KCS Group got the business opportunity very early, launched the first self-developed safety shoe products firstly in Hong Kong in early 1990s, has become the first safety shoe brand supplier in Hong Kong.

In 1998, we launched the first ROCKSTAR brand safety shoes which meet European ENISO 20345 international standards in Hong Kong. It is a high-tech products made by the world's top grade German Desma PU injection machine, which is characterized by: lightweight, cushioning, wear resistance, and fully functional, high safety standards, and environmental protection. Plus innovative European design, it is very popular when it come to market at beginning in Hong Kong.

More than a decade, ROCKSTAR safety shoes was upgrading continuously, including product development, technological innovation, function upgrades, standard updates. Has received numerous R&D patents and all received the European CE safety certification, Hong Kong safety mark certification and Chinese safety mark certification, is the safety products in consumer’s eyes, known as foot protection expert.

ROCKSTAR has R&D center and manufacturer in Dongguan, its products focus on professional functions and safety standards, with innovative design ideas, injected advanced nano-technology, applied to the upper and lining to increase long-lasting antibacterial, deodorant, waterproof and breathable, and sweat decontamination effect. Combined safety and health elements to effectively relieve foot discomfort after a long time wearing, has obvious help to promote foot anti-suffering and improve foot health..

Besides safety shoes products, ROCKSTAR also developed a wide variety of working shoe products, including administration shoes, security guard shoes, military shoes, nurse shoes, student shoes, as well as outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, and special shoes etc., to meet the needs of all industries, has developed into one of the largest suppliers of safety shoes and uniform shoes in Hong Kong. Long service to government departments and public bodies, as well as well-known enterprises, has been widely recognized and adopted. Our sales network is throughout Hong Kong.

In 2000, ROCKSTAR started to enter the overseas market. Registered in the EU successfully in 2009, has been promoted in many countries at the same time, and is famous internationally.  Become a shining star of tomorrow among Europe safety shoes brands, has won broad space for development to open up overseas markets and promote brand.

In 2006, ROCKSTAR. registered in China mainland to enter the very promising Chinese mainland market, established a big sales network over years, has become to Hong Kong brand’s model.

ROCKSTAR is based on safety, born for safety, more than a decade, it devoted to customized working safety solutions and professional products for all industries, and strive that customers get the safety guarantee and confidence during in use of the products, effective mitigate enterprise risk and improve business productivity, and experience the real value of goods and corporate social responsibility. KCS Group Hong Kong office was honored with SME Excellence Awards in 2013 .

ROCKSTAR is starting from Hong Kong, travels to Europe, South America to Asia, even halfway around the world, has become a safety messenger of that labour workers seek for foot protection and working safety. Meanwhile KCS Group made an important contribution for promotion of Hong Kong occupational safety, even in the field of global foot protection, and the implementation of industry standardization and promotion of sustainable development of the industry, and won a number of awards, and much praises in all walks of life.

"Working Safety, and ROCKSTAR do for you!"

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