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1989   Established in Hong Kong, KCS Group was a wholesale trading company specialized in work shoes and safety shoes. After about 25 years dedicated operation. KCS Group has become a professional Footwear Group Company integrated with R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Brand Development.

1994   KCS Group founded factory in Fujian Province. KCS Group took a lead to introduce its own ODM safety shoes. Became the first supplier of safety shoes with Hong Kong local brand.

1996   KCS Group was honored with the Designated Safety Shoes Supplier on the campaign of All Construction Worker Wear Safety Shoes promoted by Hong Kong government. Henceforth, KCS long-term served government departments, public sectors, institutions and famous enterprises. With meeting market and users’ demands, KCS Group became one of biggest of safety shoes and administrative shoes and leading leaders of foot protection in Hong Kong.

1998   KCS Group succeeded in developing its own ROCKSTAR branded safety shoes processed by German Desma direct injection machine, the current high-end shoes-making machine. The first introduction of ROCKSTAR safety shoes raised wide concerns and hot sale. ROCKSTAR Safety Shoes was certified with CE EN ISO 20345 safety standard. As the first of Hong Kong safety shoes company who achieved the CE certificate, KCS Group provided more professional and more creditable choice for labor workers.

1999   ROCKSTAR registered in Hong Kong. Launched the 2nd generation improved safety shoes, the Wide-last Series. Generally accepted to the public and enjoyed a good reputation.

2000   KCS Group attended GDS Fair in Germany as HKTD member. The first exhibition of ROCKSTAR safety shoes, was received favorable reviews and made a mark of marching European and International markets. Launch multi-brand strategy to meet different markets.

2001   KCS Group was invited to be a member of SATRA, the international organization located in UK. The development of KCS Group was professional recognized. Provided multi-clinical test for the standardization of safety shoes.

2002   KCS Group launched the 3rd generation safety shoes, the Casual Series. Whatever work or leisure, ROCKSTAR is the better choice of young workers.

2004   ROADSUN of KCS Group became the leading brand of safety shoes in Middle East. ROADSUN safety shoes features with excellent quality, competitive price and suitable for foot shape of Middle-east people.

2005   KCS Group launched the 4th generation, the totally new conceptual safety shoes, the Healthy Series integrated with diversified function and health elements. Obtained with several design and technical patents. Much safer, more effective relief of discomforts during longtime standing or working. Relieve foot pains and promote health.

2006   Registered ROCKSTAR in China. Established Guangzhou Marking company. Sales Network was founded in Pearl River Delta, which is the bridgehead of expanding China PPE markets. Provide a broader development future of KCS Group and Brands.

2007   KCS Group, as the first company who achieved the Hong Kong Safety Certificate in the industry, was honored with certificates in several consecutive years. Greatly enhanced the product image and won the customer’s trust.

2008  With HK$20,000,000.00 invested amount, KCS Group founded the Dongguan R&D Center, DongGuan Elite Industries Ltd, where includes R&D department, Testing Department and Assembly lines. And provide the strong supports for KCS Group. To cooperate with BASF, succeed in development the 5th Generation ROCKSTAR Slip Resistant Outsole.

2009   ROCKSTAR brand was registered in EU and became the shining rising star of European safety shoes brands. Made a broader development to expand overseas markets and built international brand.

2011   KCS Group achieved China LA Certificates. Built up extensive sales channel in China. Gained favorite reviews and became the model of Hong Kong brands. Succeed in development the 6th Generation Waterproof Series, conforming to EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRA HRO WRU standard.

2012   Dr. Ben Cheung, the founder and managing director of KCS Group, was elected as President of Hong Kong Footwear Association and known as the industry leader and elite.

2013   KCS Group was honored with the Best SME’s Awards. Dongguan Branch was presented to GMC(Global Manufacturer Certificate).

2013   Dr. Ben Cheung, the founder and managing director, was honored with Honorary Doctor of Engineering at Lincoln University and Fellowship of Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration. Enjoyed high social reputation.

2014   Dr. Ben Cheung, the founder of KCS Group, received the title of the Outstanding Entrepreneurs Awards by APEA. Dr. Ben Cheung was recognized in company operation, brand building, product developing and social responsibility, also his outstanding contribution to promoting of occupational safety and the footwear industry development.

2015   KCS Group gained social caring during promotion of enterprise responsibility, was honored Social Caring Pledge Scheme Award.

2016   KCS Group is reaching a new milestone of development.

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